The AGM in Amsterdam, March 22 2023, created some big headlines.


German SdK initiative which organized amazing 960 million shares (some 1600 (!) private shareholders), which was decisive for the meeting to be able to wipe out all proposals from the Board of Management.

March 31, 2023 Just to prove .. of course manipulation and destroying share by one single adress (Market Maker) continues, always the same signature over his taboo Softwares in effective manipulation mode.

Yet a little bit later.
Utmost agression. But why? As if actors already have precise knowledge of outcome of the WHOA procedure.
A few hours later.
As always killing of some recovery, regardless of buying volumes, always seeming to have available enough shares to hold against and drive share price further down. And resulting in a completely unnatural chart.

At market opening.

March 30, 2023 Announcement of WHOA procedure.

Nevertheless outcome of AGM, Steinhoff yet announced WHOA procedure trying to force through the brutal measures, which were refused by Shareholders so shortly before at the AGM.

But now very interesting documents can be found on Steinhoff Corporate Website, all well prepared. Many Informations on which they said not being able to give details on at the AGM.

It seems that Steinhoff International Holding in 5 Months, ended February 28 2023, generated a Net Profit of 1,172 Billion Euro.

Maybe this better helps to understand why Bondholders are so eager to steal 80% of all Corporate Shares from Shareholders and why they are in such a hurry.
The document was in a big zipped bundle. We saved it for download under 'links'.

Wikipedia - Naked Short Selling
Some commentators have contended that despite regulations, naked shorting is widespread and that the SEC regulations are poorly enforced. Its critics have contended that the practice is susceptible to abuse, can be damaging to targeted companies struggling to raise capital, and has led to numerous bankruptcies.

Questions arrive how SdK could organize 960 million voting rights and in such a short time, also considering people had to pay some fee for each of the shares.
These private hold 960 million voting rights, from major German citizens, seem to be the top of an iceberg. It completely fits to the corporate plan to declare those shares finally completely worthless.

After possibly negative outcome of WHOA, over which by bondholders and management billions of Stakeholder Euros is forced in the hand of a single judge in court, there is urgent need to organize a worldwide independent count of Steinhoff shares, and free of fees.

It is for Steinhoff Shareholders by far to late, to fight this robbery. Yet some (organizing) hedge fund keeps selling and selling shares for 1,2 cent, which over a fair debt for equity solution would be worth at least 2 Euro. Any financial expert should be able to see that.

Keeping on selling (we strongly believe: since some time : ghost shares) at only 1,2 cents (they clearly want no recovery), and keeping on manipulative pressure (that in fact, tells exactly what's going on), stays on being very lucatrive, when you believe you can pursue at the end of the process the elimation of all shares, and mal practices can never be proven.

Unless cheated shareholders afterwards are starting to count and prove. The numbers already represented by German SDK members provide a good base.

March 29, 2023 Just to prove .. we have shown massive after-AGM-manipulations.
But this was going on a long time before, day by day, and of course keeps on going here .. and always the same signature which is destroying Steinhoff share price and massively intimidating market participants, over his taboo Softwares.
For sure operating on behalf of some hedgefunds/bondholders.
Where is AFM? Where is Bafin? Have politicians knowledge of this? For sure : NO.

Ein Forum Kommentar das Bände spricht (von vielen ähnlichen)

Ich glaube, ich bin hier im falschen Film...
Es wird auf einer HV komplett gegen das Management abgestimmt. ( Kaufleute mit nur einem ganz kleinen bischen Charater würden nach so einer Schlappe freiwillig zurücktreten ). Und das Management beschliesst ein WHOA Verfahren einzuleiten. So weit, so gut. Aber in diesem WHOA Verfahren geht es dem Management letztendlich nicht darum, wovon man normaler Weise ausgehen müsste, seine Eigentümer, sprich die Aktionäre zu unterstützen und zu schützen... Nein, dass Management stellt einfach wieder einen Antrag um die Eigentümer, sprich die Aktionäre, zu enteignen !! Sorry, alleine das erfüllt aus meiner Sicht den Straftatbestand der unlauteren Geschäftsführung ! Dieses Management gehört sofort abgewählt. Bevor sie uns Aktionären, und das werden sie weiterhin machen, noch mehr Schaden zufügen können. Kein Richter dieser Welt, sei es in Holland, Deutschland oder sonst irgendwo, wird sich vor den Karren dieser Arsch.... spannen lassen. Und denen läuft die Zeit weg, nicht uns Aktionären.

Und zum anderen geht dem jetzigen Management strafrechtlich die Düse, bei den ganzen Fehlern, die die gemacht haben. Deswegen versuchten die jetzt unter dem WHOA Schirm abzutauchen. Denn wer hat schon Lust im gesetzten Alter auf einen zwangsweisen Wohnortwechsel ? Aber auch das sollten wir Aktionäre in Verbindung mit dem SDK und der BaFin schon noch hinbekommen. Verfolgungswürdige, strafrechtliche Ansatzpunkte wurden uns ja letztendlich genug geliefert...

March 28, 2023. What was going on last years at Steinhoff International Holdings?

Steinhoff Holding exists of big prospering and growing businesses like Pepco, Pepkor and Matress .. but share price was driven (yes, we strongly believe: DRIVEN) to almost ZERO, since systematic manipulations can be proven day by day, over trades having the same unique patterns and signature, which are generated by professional softwares.

After successfull AGM, the good reaction on Stockmarket (Tradegate) was obviously not wanted at all.
March 23 in a single hour the usual big player (the Market Maker?) in first hour of trade, dumped away all previous gaines, after that, as always, kept his manipulative control. World obviously HAS to believe : Steinhoff Holding is a bankrupt company.

The proposal of the board was not at all about ALL stakeholders and not at all about a truly distressed company.

Bondholders letting pay company horrendous interest rates, is in fact the only reason for distresing a holding company with great and profitable businesses, as well as for them to be able to drive share price to nothing.

Forcing share price to virtually zero is an easy bet if the sellside on forehand would knew, what was to arrive.

There is no risk, in fact as soon as you arrange on such a scheme, you can start accumulating existing equity. Additional selling of ghost shares from market participants believing market valuation is far to low, can generate more and more money. But you can drive pps allways lower, no matter how much buying there was. In the end equity MUST be eliminated at any price.

Being able to take back (steal) from shareholders all sold equity for free. Never seen anything like that.

In such scenarios naked shorting is very attractive and can create massive additional profits for hedge funds.
Who would notice after bankruptcy anyway?
It seems very likely here to have happened on large scale and on a daily basis. Regardless of how much buying interest, there is always enough shares for sale te prevent any recovery and maintain a distressed chart. And always there seems to be one single manipulating actor, see also 'after AGM manipulations'.
We have documented much more of this, on this taboo softwares used for manipulating shares and creating the chart signals that are 'needed'. We believe stuff that isn't wanted to be documented.

Fair alternative : Debt for Equity Swap

After a Debt for Equity Swap, it is plausible that fair value of Equity giving Holding Company assets and then also comfortable profitability from Dividends) could soon reach a Equity Value of some 10 and 15 billion Euro, which represents some 200 (!) times current manipulated lie.
But remember, the way causa Steinhoff is organized, perfectly fits a plan in execution for robbing all value from current Equity Holders.

The actual proposal is about (to put it in other words) : Bondholders just steal 80% of Shareholders Equity ... offering shareholders back in return : de facto nothing.
No better conditions for company neither. We believe that proposals have nothing to do with ALL stakeholders. Steinhoff case seems to set new (extreme) standards, its just unbelievable.

Blow up shorting?
The current situation being so paradoxal, we truly believe one single investor could completely blow up this manipulative selling pressure.
If after that, with the help of other Equity holders, achieving a fair restructuring of debt, in our opinion such an investor could get a fast 50-100 fold ROI out of an investment of maybe 30 million Euro. Then for sure also to be recognized as one of the biggest Robin Hoods of Finance History.

Shareholders of Steinhoff Worldwide : best unite!
1. After so many shares last years got into new hands, questions arrive as where those shares, that seem to aim to block any possible recovery as well as to demoralize motiviation and buying interest, have its origin.
2. Giving the circumstances, it probably is necessary for SdK to achieve a secure (voting) majority (50%+) in the company.
3. SdK communicating a growing percentage in Steinhoff will certainly have immediate effect.
4. Also in forums we notice amongst shareholders an urgent need for a new General Meeting.

Below are some very informative videos, in German language, but SDKs has subtitling in English

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